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Assembling of Citizenship through Education

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Manufacturing Citizenship, Education and Nationalism in Europe, South Asia and China.


Veronique Benei

Gobalization has globalized everything. Right from trade, politics, migration to education. Nothing is now isolated and could vigorously be affected by globalization. books, toys, tech, & more.

Political boundaries and lines now exist only in maps as symbolic demarcation of political entity and sovereignty.

Youth and education are the two things that are now focal points of nation states. Any mishandling or downturn in them may have serious repercussions for them both immediate and of course long term. This is the reason why all states are doing more and more to protect them from the ebb and flow of globalization and make truly only for them!!

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Migrants in the new country brought not only load on its infrastructure but they also affect its culture and politics by bringing new ideas and beliefs with them. In such scenario government and administration has only one solution left to them. To inculcate the youth about their gleaming past.

Assembling of Citizenship through Education

How shiny, strong and sympathetic they have been to the World, their neighbours and to their region. They are heirs to a great legacy. They have to move this great legacy onwards to their posterity.

That in other countries where they move or settle, they must not forget about their origin and act like a representative of their motherland in other countries.

1200 Update Ways of the World with Sources for the Ap(r) Modern Course

Thus the process of manufacturing only shinning and gleaming goods in students and the youth mind-factory for their country, the bad and underperformed aspects of history are hidden and under carpeted.

Like a line of production in an industry only perfect and vetted products to be supplied to the market while ill- shaped and low quality products must to garbage.

A read for all who wants to know how the modern governments are using education for teir vested interests leaving aside its core quality to bring out the true potential of an individual. 

Assembling of Citizenship through Education

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