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books you should read about South Asian History.

The Afghanistan Papers: a Secret History of war

Analyzing 20 years of US-Afghan war

Book Name: The Afghanistan Papers : A Secret History of the War Author: Craig Whitlock  The crashing of hijacked planes into the World Trade Center and on Pentagon on September 11, 2001, by the reported hijackers of Al-Qaeda alarmed the Americans about their safety in this isolated continental mainland which had not faced any direct […]

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Pakistan, a hard country, book, Anatol Lieven,

Pakistan, a hard and diverse country

Book Name: Pakistan: A Hard Country Author Name: Anatol Lieven First published in 2012 at a time when Pakistan was facing a relenting spate of terrorism across the country, the book values the importance of Pakistan as a state with a huge Muslim population, and a strong standing army equipped with nuclear weapons.  The Islamic

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land the state and war property institutions and political order in Afghanistan, book,

Private vs Collective, property in chaotic Afghanistan

Book Name; Land, the State, and War Authors; Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili, Ilia Murtazashvili The mountainous war-ravaged country of Afghanistan does not have a well-formed and established footing for securing private property as is common in other developed countries of the world. Being rural and clannish in nature, the utility and efficacy of such legal setups

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The Political Economy of Ngos : State Formation in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, book, Jude L. Fernando,

NGOs Economy; a new -complex born

The emergence and influence of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in developing countries has always been considered both an asset as well as a liability.  They existed throughout human history in one form or another. Before the 20th century, some good Samaritans helped their fellows in their capacity. However, the first joint consortium or collaborating body in

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From India to Israel, identity, immigration, and the struggle for religious equality, book,

Bene Israel; from India to Israel again

Book Name: From India to Israel : Identity, Immigration, and the Struggle for Religious Equality Author: Joseph Hodes Travelling a distance of 4540 kilometers from the Dominion of India to the newly created state of Israel after its creation eight decades ago was certainly motivated by a cause.  In just three years from 1948 to

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Tamil, Muslims, Indian, book, history, South Asia,

The enduring resilience of Tamil Muslims

Book Name: How Best Do We Survive? : A Modern Political History of the Tamil Muslims Author:  Kenneth McPherson The main title of the book, “How Best Do We Survive?” adequately describes the strength and resilience of the Tamil Muslims in specific and the springiness of the Indian Muslims in general. The Tamil Muslims form

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Dr. Ambedkar, India, liberalism, Dalits, book,

Dr. Ambedkar, a man for all ages!

Book Name: The Socio-Political Ideas of Br Ambedkar : Liberal Constitutionalism in a Creative Mould Author: Bidyut Chakrabarty There are more than 3000 castes or Jatis in India which have further sub castes internally making the social and political system of this country further complicated and tense.  In such a diverse and religious-based caste division,

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the materiality of politics, book, colonialism, India,

Puppeteering the colonial politics in colonies

Book Name: The Materiality of Politics: Volume 1: The Technologies of Rule Author: Ranbir Samaddar Two volumes of The Materiality of Politics analyses how politics make their course in a colonial and developing country like India that is so diversified and intra-contrasting internally.  The ideal notion of politics, the collective process of deciding one problem

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Tagore, book, Michael Collins, Nationalism and Post-Colonial World,

Tagore: poet, philosopher, nationalist

Book Name: Empire, Nationalism and Post Colonial World: Rabandranath Tagore Writings on History, Politics and Society Author: Michael Collins The philosopher, musician, and poet Rabindranath Tagore, more commonly known by his surname Tagore in masses, is a well-known Bengali poet who was also the first non-European Nobel laureate of literature in 1913 for his poetry

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South Asia in World History , book, Marc Jason Gilbert,

The trans-historical South Asia!

Book Name: South Asia in World History Author: Marc Jason Gilbert The geographical landmass of South Asia from ancient times has been a cradle of religions and civilizations. This landmass with its diverse natural, cultural, and historical singularity holds a unique place in world history and politics. From the cuisine, science, and dressing to the architectural

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