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Disarmed and Neglected Amazon warriors.

Book Name; Female ex-Combatants, Empowerment and Reintegration, Gender Inequalities in Liberia and Nepal.   Author; Michanne Steenbergen. The UN led program of DDR (Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration) for female ex combatants was started in March 2005 to disarm, demobilize and reintegrate them into their society again. The specific focus of this program was their female …

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8430 miles 150 years ago!

Book Name; Gender, Religion and Heathen lands: American Missionary Women is South Asia, 1860s-1940s Author: Maina Chawla Singh. There has always been a deep sense into the intelligentsia of the former colonized states to know about their past, something not given to them by their colonial masters. How and when they were colonized. What was …

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Words that rejuvenates.

Book Name; Literature and Politics in the age of Nationalism; The Progressive Episode in South Asia, 1932-56 Author; Dr. Talat Ahmed. The literary movement in British India to inspire and educate Indian peoples through writings about humanity, equality and social evils was left oriented and anti-imperialistic and anti-colonialism in nature. Any social, literary or economic …

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Bangladesh; from nadir to zenith in 47 years.

Book Name; Politics and Governance in Bangladesh; an uncertain landscape. Editors; Bangladesh since its independence in 1971 had a chequered history of political and economic development. But the plus point of this country was meeting the MDGs goals as set by UNO and alleviating poverty among its people. Recently in the Karachi Center for Foreign …

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The self-punching Magalomania of powerfulness

Book Name; Hubris, Self-interest, and America’s Failed war in Afghanistan; the Self-sustaining Overreach. Author; Thomas P. Cavanna. The book is solely focused on one of the longest war of America fought in after cold war… Though initially the dreaded American military power gave an upper hand bad victory to it in this mountainous country. It …

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