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Puppeteering the colonial politics in colonies

Book Name: The Materiality of Politics: Volume 1: The Technologies of Rule Author: Ranbir Samaddar Two volumes of The Materiality of Politics analyses how politics make their course in a colonial and developing country like India that is so diversified and intra-contrasting internally.  The ideal notion of politics, the collective process of deciding one problem […]

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Islam and Identity Politics among British-Bangladeshis : A Leap of Faith, book, Ali Riaz

Looking to their home: dilemma of British Bangladeshis

It is human nature that always remembers its past and has nostalgia for it.  Wherever and whenever it finds vent for it, it expresses itself in one form or another form.  However, distant and developed they may become, they long for their past how pleasant and sweet was it!  This nostalgic feeling is very common

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Rootless even after a hundred years

Book Name; Ethics of Staying: Social Movements And Land Rights Politics In Pakistan. Author; Mubbashir A. Rizvi Agriculture in Pakistan and also in India is mainly operated through the system of share cropping. Tenants work hard to produce enough yield from the land that not only subsist them but also the land owner as well.

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Raking my colonial past!

Book Name: Subaltern Studies; Writing on South Asian History and Society Author/ Editor: Ranjit Guha, . What is our past? Who we are? Who and how the colonizers colonized and governed us? What were the reasons that made a whole population surrendered before a very small bunch of people? These and some more questions

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Words that rejuvenates

Book Name; Literature and Politics in the age of Nationalism; The Progressive Episode in South Asia, 1932-56 Author; Dr. Talat Ahmed. The literary movement in British India to inspire and educate Indian peoples through writings about humanity, equality and social evils was left oriented and anti-imperialistic and anti-colonialism in nature. Save up to 80% on

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Caught red handed!

Book Name; History Of Forensic Science in India ( Routledge South Asia Studies) Author; Saumitra Basu Forensic science also known by the name of criminalistics is the use of natural sciences to resolve a crime, investigate and present proofs in a court of law against the culprit. Saumitra Basu gives a historical glimpse of this

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