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Mutual mistrust on sure doomsday

Book Name; South Asia’s Nuclear Security Dilemma; India, Pakistan and China. Author; Lowell Dittmer The book cover with an image of computer lab in light darkness very precisely depicts the nature of south Asian politics and security. Any slight mistake or clicking the wrong key on the computer keyboard may wrought destruction up on them!! […]

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Drifting foreign policy of India

Book Name: Subcontinental Drift: Domestic politics and India’s Foreign Policy (South Asia in World Affairs) Author’s Name: Rajesh Basrur The labyrinthine image in the book implicitly conveys the meaning of the complexity of South Asian politics.  How and why India’s desire to be a super or at least a regional power is restricted by some

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Interlinking for an energetic future

Book Name; Sustainable Energy Transition in South Asia; Challenges and Opportunities. Editors; S. Narayan, Christopher Len, Roshni Kapur. The energy demand and consumption is continuously increasing in South Asia and worldwide as well. This ever increasing rise is compelling the states to make arrangements for the new energy sources but their focus must be on

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All about happiness!

Book Name; Politics of Gross National Happiness; Governance and Development in Bhutan Author; Kent Schroeder All over the world, both states and individuals are in the rat race of GDP and GNP and its calculation believing that wealth accumulation is guarantee to their happiness. But their thirst does not quench, if they get one targeted

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Bangladesh; from nadir to zenith in 47 years

Book Name; Politics and Governance in Bangladesh; an uncertain landscape. Editors; Bangladesh since its independence in 1971 had a chequered history of political and economic development. But the plus point of this country was meeting the MDGs goals as set by UNO and alleviating poverty among its people. Recently in the Karachi Center for Foreign

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