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Raking my colonial past!

Book Name: Subaltern Studies; Writing on South Asian History and Society Author/ Editor: Ranjit Guha, . What is our past? Who we are? Who and how the colonizers colonized and governed us? What were the reasons that made a whole population surrendered before a very small bunch of people? These and some more questions […]

Raking my colonial past!

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Left going into further left!

Book Name: Radical politics in South Asia. Editors: Paul R. Brass, Marcus F. Franda. The seven South Asian countries with more than one billion people living in them is a vast chunk of land which could not be easily ignored by the world powers for their economic, political and military values. Being a conglomerate of

Left going into further left!

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Words that rejuvenates

Book Name; Literature and Politics in the age of Nationalism; The Progressive Episode in South Asia, 1932-56 Author; Dr. Talat Ahmed. The literary movement in British India to inspire and educate Indian peoples through writings about humanity, equality and social evils was left oriented and anti-imperialistic and anti-colonialism in nature. Save up to 80% on

Words that rejuvenates

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Caught red handed!

Book Name; History Of Forensic Science in India ( Routledge South Asia Studies) Author; Saumitra Basu Forensic science also known by the name of criminalistics is the use of natural sciences to resolve a crime, investigate and present proofs in a court of law against the culprit. Saumitra Basu gives a historical glimpse of this

Caught red handed!