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Drifting foreign policy of India

Book Name: Subcontinental Drift: Domestic politics and India’s Foreign Policy (South Asia in World Affairs) Author’s Name: Rajesh Basrur The labyrinthine image in the book implicitly conveys the meaning of the complexity of South Asian politics.  How and why India’s desire to be a super or at least a regional power is restricted by some […]

Drifting foreign policy of India

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Assembling of Citizenship through Education

Book Name; Manufacturing Citizenship, Education and Nationalism in Europe, South Asia and China. Editor; Veronique Benei Gobalization has globalized everything. Right from trade, politics, migration to education. Nothing is now isolated and could vigorously be affected by globalization. Political boundaries and lines now exist only in maps as symbolic demarcation of political entity and sovereignty.

Assembling of Citizenship through Education

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Franchising war to non-state actors

Book Name; Gambling with Violence, State Outsourcing of War in Pakistan and in India. Author; Yelena Biberman. Yelena Biberman took the microcosm of two South Asian nuclear countries of India and Pakistan to show the macrocosm to its readers: why the two South Asian neighbours are out sourcing the violence to the ordinary civilians, criminals

Franchising war to non-state actors

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Raking my colonial past!

Book Name: Subaltern Studies; Writing on South Asian History and Society Author/ Editor: Ranjit Guha, . What is our past? Who we are? Who and how the colonizers colonized and governed us? What were the reasons that made a whole population surrendered before a very small bunch of people? These and some more questions

Raking my colonial past!