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Tagore: poet, philosopher, nationalist

Book Name: Empire, Nationalism and Post Colonial World: Rabandranath Tagore Writings on History, Politics and Society Author: Michael Collins The philosopher, musician, and poet Rabindranath Tagore, more commonly known by his surname Tagore in masses, is a well-known Bengali poet who was also the first non-European Nobel laureate of literature in 1913 for his poetry […]

Tagore: poet, philosopher, nationalist

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Gendered politics and nationalism in India

Book Name: Gender and Hindu Nationalism: Understanding Masculine Hegemony Author: Prem Kumar Vijayan How gender and nationalism intermingle with each other and how they exert an effect upon each other with a special reference to India, Indian politics, and nationalism.  The author’s concept of Masculine hegemony as is posited and elaborated by him in this

Gendered politics and nationalism in India

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Words that rejuvenates

Book Name; Literature and Politics in the age of Nationalism; The Progressive Episode in South Asia, 1932-56 Author; Dr. Talat Ahmed. The literary movement in British India to inspire and educate Indian peoples through writings about humanity, equality and social evils was left oriented and anti-imperialistic and anti-colonialism in nature. Save up to 80% on

Words that rejuvenates