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The Political Economy of Ngos : State Formation in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, book, Jude L. Fernando,

NGOs Economy; a new -complex born

The emergence and influence of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in developing countries has always been considered both an asset as well as a liability.  They existed throughout human history in one form or another. Before the 20th century, some good Samaritans helped their fellows in their capacity. However, the first joint consortium or collaborating body in […]

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4 state analysis, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, book,

4 South Asians smouldering and fraying

Book Name: Internal Conflicts: A Four State Analysis ( India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar ) Editor: V.R. Raghavan The four South Asian states, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar have a collective population of 1690 million.  India shares its borders with Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar while the Sri Lankan peninsula is separated by the Palk

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Media as Politics in South Asia, book, channels, TVs, media,

Media as arbiter between masses and state

Book Name: Media as Politics in South Asia Editors: Sahana Udupa, Stephen McDowell Can we imagine a society that is immune or at least less influenced by the impact of media both traditional and non-traditional?  Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad were the media of their times hymning to the war heroes. The same techniques and tactics

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Tagore, book, Michael Collins, Nationalism and Post-Colonial World,

Tagore: poet, philosopher, nationalist

Book Name: Empire, Nationalism and Post Colonial World: Rabandranath Tagore Writings on History, Politics and Society Author: Michael Collins The philosopher, musician, and poet Rabindranath Tagore, more commonly known by his surname Tagore in masses, is a well-known Bengali poet who was also the first non-European Nobel laureate of literature in 1913 for his poetry

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Drifting foreign policy of India

Book Name: Subcontinental Drift: Domestic politics and India’s Foreign Policy (South Asia in World Affairs) Author’s Name: Rajesh Basrur The labyrinthine image in the book implicitly conveys the meaning of the complexity of South Asian politics.  How and why India’s desire to be a super or at least a regional power is restricted by some

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Killed for life!

Book Name; The Cage; The fight for Sri Lanka and the last days of Tamil Tigers. Author; Weiss Gordon.  Former UN official and journalist Weiss Gordon gives a blood clotting account of last days of the Sri Lankan civil war that raged the country for 26 years. Save up to 40% on bestselling kids books

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