From India to Israel, identity, immigration, and the struggle for religious equality, book,

Bene Israel; from India to Israel again

Book Name: From India to Israel : Identity, Immigration, and the Struggle for Religious Equality Author: Joseph Hodes Travelling a distance of 4540 kilometers from the Dominion of India to the newly created state of Israel after its creation eight decades ago was certainly motivated by a cause.  In just three years from 1948 to […]

Bene Israel; from India to Israel again

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Puppeteering the colonial politics in colonies

Book Name: The Materiality of Politics: Volume 1: The Technologies of Rule Author: Ranbir Samaddar Two volumes of The Materiality of Politics analyses how politics make their course in a colonial and developing country like India that is so diversified and intra-contrasting internally.  The ideal notion of politics, the collective process of deciding one problem

Puppeteering the colonial politics in colonies

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Raking my colonial past!

Book Name: Subaltern Studies; Writing on South Asian History and Society Author/ Editor: Ranjit Guha, . What is our past? Who we are? Who and how the colonizers colonized and governed us? What were the reasons that made a whole population surrendered before a very small bunch of people? These and some more questions

Raking my colonial past!

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Local Colours in High Colour!

Book Name; Patchwork States: the Historical roots of Subnational Conflict and Competition in South Asia. Author; Adnan Naseemullah The British rule in India and then its independence and division into the two successor states of India and Pakistan in August 1947 on the assumed religious ideologies of Islam and Hinduism served as a gluing force

Local Colours in High Colour!