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Assembling of Citizenship through Education

Book Name; Manufacturing Citizenship, Education and Nationalism in Europe, South Asia and China. Editor; Veronique Benei Gobalization has globalized everything. Right from trade, politics, migration to education. Nothing is now isolated and could vigorously be affected by globalization. Political boundaries and lines now exist only in maps as symbolic demarcation of political entity and sovereignty. …

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Franchising war to non-state actors

Book Name; Gambling with Violence, State Outsourcing of War in Pakistan and in India. Author; Yelena Biberman. Yelena Biberman took the microcosm of two South Asian nuclear countries of India and Pakistan to show the macrocosm to its readers: why the two South Asian neighbours are out sourcing the violence to the ordinary civilians, criminals …

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Interlinking for an energetic future

Book Name; Sustainable Energy Transition in South Asia; Challenges and Opportunities. Editors; S. Narayan, Christopher Len, Roshni Kapur. The energy demand and consumption is continuously increasing in South Asia and worldwide as well. This ever increasing rise is compelling the states to make arrangements for the new energy sources but their focus must be on …

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Pakistan, 2nd Nuclearization of South Asia

Book Name; Pakistan Pathway to Bomb, Ambitions, Politics and Rivalries Author; Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Khan Even before the 1971 war and separation of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), Pakistani establishment was thinking about a nuclear program. However, President General Ayub Khan turned down the proposal of his Foreign Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to start a nuclear …

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Violence for Peace?

Book Name; Ordinary people Extra ordinary Violence, Naxalites and Hindu Extremists in India.  Author; Chitralekha The book cover with an Eye Image carrying red and saffron colours explicitly coveys the subject matter of the book.   The violence and extremism of the Naxalites bloody politics and communal violence of Hindu extremists against Muslims and other …

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Netting the Terrorism in South Asia

Book Name; The Politics of counter-terrorism in India, Strategic Intelligence and National security in South Asia. Author; Prem Mahadevan A good read for those interested in the Indian politics after Mumbai attack, 2008. The India blame on Pakistan for providing “necessary support” to the perpetrators of these attacks further strained the already tensed relations between …

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