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8430 miles 150 years ago!

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Gender, Religion and Heathen lands: American Missionary Women is South Asia, 1860s-1940s


Maina Chawla Singh.

There has always been a deep sense into the intelligentsia of the former colonized states to know about their past, something not given to them by their colonial masters.

How and when they were colonized. What was the white man burden for their colonization? How they were tricked into the colonial trap.

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8430 miles 150 years ago!

This digging out of past is essential for the future reshaping and bilateral relations between the former colonizers and colonized.

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Maina Chawla Singh probes into the work and contribution of two American women missionaries in South Asia and their effect on the local Indian women. The account of these missionary women leaving their then contemporary dominant American culture for their missions into a backward Indian society nearly 150 years ago is still fascinating to the reader in 21st century.

Spreading the Christianity and light of Bible among the heathen Indians!!

The usual and accepted method of preaching new ideas and beliefs to the alien and new people is facilitating them in all aspects of life that is economically and socially.

8430 miles 150 years ago!

Thus building of missionary schools, colleges and hospitals would have a chiseling effect in heart of locals for these missionaries.

The case studies of Isabella Thoburn and Ida Scudder will help us to evaluate their impact on the Indian women who established missionary Institutions for them.

Born on 29 March 1840 in St Clairsville, Ohio, Isabella Thoburn was urged by her brother, James Mill Thoburn to come to India and assist him in his educational activities.

She came to India in 1869 and established a women college in Lucknow by the name of Isabella Thoburn College (1870) and a Methodist High School (MHS) in Kanpur (1874).

Isabella Thoburn was a Christian missionary of Episcopal Methodist Church died on September 1, 1901 in Lucknow.  

Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder (December 9, 1870 – May 24, 1960) was the third generation of missionaries of Reformed Church of America working in India.

Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore, India was the first teaching hospital of Asia established by Dr. Ida Scudder in 1918.

The two honourable ladies tried to raise the life standard of their Indian sisters still remembered in their heart for their humanity and compassion.

393 pages and 9 chapters having 2 Questionnaires for Alumnae of these missionary college is a good historical read.

8430 miles 150 years ago!

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