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Bringing peace in a technical way!

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Peace Technology


Prof. Bhusan Das Fani

Professor Bhusan Das Fani in collaboration with Elizabeth Jacquel of the United States presented the concept of Technology for World Peace. Like any other pure and hardcore sciences and technological development, Peace could also be developed and implemented in humans’ daily lives.  Which could be inculcated through Peace Culture in all living organisms as defined in the UNESCO-initiated program of 1995.

The book in discussion, Peace Technology by Professor Bhusan Das Fani, elaborates on this special and single theme.  Despite all the progress and development from the ape and cave ages to the present-day fantastical AI and space exploration, man has miserably failed to establish perfect peace, let alone to calculate the factors that determine the existence and growth of peace among them.

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Bringing peace in a technical way!

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Materialism, greed, and political chicanery are drying up goodness, both in the human mind and civilization.  The result would be an annihilation of Homo sapiens, the human beings, from this planet Earth. Peace must be presented and represented to the next generations like our great achievements. Peace museums must not be a relic of the past but a living progress of all humanity! 

Professor Bhusan Das Fani has enunciated seven stages for the application of this new proposed Peace Technology. 

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Bringing peace in a technical way!

When considering today’s scenario, the relevancy and importance of, social media, AI and ML, the emerging drones and satellite technology, the positive use of biometrics before and after a conflict resolution for peace, VR technology, Robotics, and 3D printing machines, could not be denied by anybody for implementing this technological peace.

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Born in British India in a small village, Dumuka, in the district of Kendrapara in the Indian state of Orissa, Professor Bhusan Das Fani was an engineer, civil servant, and teacher who assiduously strived to propagate the compassionate use of technology for human uplift.  In 2005 he was awarded with Peace Clinic Peace Prize Star Award by Peace Clinic Institute, Oceanside, California, USA.

The US HONOR SOCIETY also awarded him with a Certificate of Recognition in New York in June 2009 for his extraordinary achievements. 

Bringing peace in a technical way!

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