Maldives, island, contradictions

Briny island of contrasts and contradictions

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The Maldives, the Islamic Republic, Tropical autocracy.


John Robinson

The 300 square kilometres archipelago in the Indian Ocean is a contrasting and contradicting mixture of beliefs and practices. On its beach foreign tourists enjoy sunbath and cocktails while on the neighbouring Island a woman is flagged for having extramarital relation. A rum-runner may provide home delivery of a Vodka bottle if you have 140 dollars!!

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Its President Mamoon Abdul Qayum succeeded Ibrahim Nasir as President 1978 and remained in office till 2008. This tiny Indian Ocean Island thus has the longest record of dictatorship in the whole continent of Asia.

The new President Mohammed Nasheed brought the Maldives into International spotlight of Climatic Change and human rights struggle and their recognition in this small strict state.

As this is the common pattern of history that the ousted dictators never set in silence always yearning and manoeuvring for regaining their lost power.

Briny island of contrasts and contradictions

This was the situation in Maldives where three decade rule of Mamoon Abdul Qayum had made the Maldivians accustomed to at Autocracy and dictatorship.

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Patients suffering from slavish-syndrome do not know what freedom is and how to move, think or even eat freely!!!

Demonstration, violence, protests and turmoil began in Maldives against Nasheed government. The security forces and Islamic radicals became hostile against him and demanded Nasheed’ resignation.

The new President Hasan Waheed Manik, Abdullah Yameen and the President-incumbent Ibrahim Abdullah Salih face political, social and economic chaos in the islanded state.

The 10 chapters of the book give a comprehensive touch to all aspects of Maldivians politics from its independence, political set-up to religious extremism and stabbing of Velezine, every aspect have been given a look for its readers.

Briny island of contrasts and contradictions

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