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Interlinking for an energetic future

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Sustainable Energy Transition in South Asia; Challenges and Opportunities.


S. Narayan, Christopher Len, Roshni Kapur.

The energy demand and consumption is continuously increasing in South Asia and worldwide as well. This ever increasing rise is compelling the states to make arrangements for the new energy sources but their focus must be on the judicious use of present and existing ones for a long time. Any lethargy on behalf of them would left future generations without energy resources.

Interlinking for an energetic future

Turning to sustainable or renewable energy is the only available option left to them. As this type of energy never jeopardize climate and it is long term in use with its natural renewability.

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The book in review glimpses how the South Asian countries are diversifying. Investing in renewable energy and climate change safety for them and whole region. Easy access of energy to individual and industry is essential for economic and industrial development. Its reduction, shortage or price hike may result in political and economic turmoil in them.

The two sectioned book handles diverse topics of the south Asian energy landscape.  The first one tackles the energy cooperation in south Asia and its benefits In case it is utilized. The renewable energy in South Asia and its stages. Energy, trade and climate challenges to the South Asian countries.

The second section of this book is India-related issues of energy has been discussed. Specifically, like future of sustainable energy in India. It’s slow progress. The solar energy and installation for India and Indians.

The brain image on the book cover gives a depiction that now South Asian countries and its governments must use their brain for a sustainable, safe and cheaper energy and must transition from the traditional one.

Interlinking for an energetic future

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