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Juggling with fireballs

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US Imperialism in South Asia and the Persian Gulf.


Sanjeev Kumar H.M

Imperialism is the policy, practice or advocating of getting mileage for one’s state national interest over the other by applying overt or covert tactics for this.

A state steps into an area directly and physically for its national interests. This is the most recurring pattern occurred in history by all nations and states when they found themselves strong enough not to be challenged by their neighbours openly in the field.

Juggling with fireballs

Professor Sanjeev Kumar discusses this phenomena of a state-dominance and controlling an area or region in the light of US presence in the Persian Gulf and South Asia with a special focus on its ramifications for India.

The vast chunk of Land extending from the South Asian seven countries to the seven countries of the Persian Gulf, these 14 countries collectively are in the constant focus of United States and other peripheral powers.

The major World powers continuously vie for their control in this regions, Washington being fearful that any absence or languor on its behalf would create a vacuum for other powers to fill in causing potential threats and interest-jeopardizing for it.

Thus, keeping such bilateral arrangement with each of them to secure its global position as Superpower.

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The US doctrine of Dual Containment (1994) for Persian Gulf was an attempt to control and balance Saddam Hussein of Iraq and the Islamic Revolutionary Iran by each other and prevent them from disturbing and endangering their Persian Gulf neighbours.

The attempt though successful to some level now losing its utility as the once disputing neighbours are now resolving and mending their mutual problems and how to oust or at least reduce US influence in the region for their stability and prosperity. books, toys, tech, & more.

In likewise manner, Pakistan and India in South Asia are balanced and counter-poised by Washington differently.

The concept of the Strategic Balance, the cold war era concept that is even today followed by the US State Department in gearing it’s foreign policy in South Asia towards India and Pakistan governed by the principle that none of the two should be strong enough to threaten the other or refuse to toe the Washington’ line of interest.

The mutual tussle and rivalry of the two South Asian nuclear states would wrought destruction not only for them but for the whole region and the world at large.

The US policy or the Strategic Balance as they name their policy for India-Pakistan is to feed and arm two deadly warriors while sitting itself atop trying loosely to refrain them from a duel at ground!!

Juggling with fireballs

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