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Killed for life!

Book Name;

The Cage; The fight for Sri Lanka and the last days of Tamil Tigers.


Weiss Gordon. 

Former UN official and journalist Weiss Gordon gives a blood clotting account of last days of the Sri Lankan civil war that raged the country for 26 years.

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Weiss categorically condemns both the Sri Lanka Army and Vellupillai Prabhakaran led Liberation of Tamil Tiger Eelem (LTTE) fighting for an independent Tamil state, Tamil Eelem, in the north east of Sri Lankan peninsula.

The chilling description of Sri Lankan military victory after 26 years warring with LTTE and the price paid by the Sri Lanka as a nation for this victory!!  

In their last ditch attempt the LTTE rebels held 35000 to 40000 Tamil civilians as a human shield to safeguard them against the advancing troops of Sri Lankan Army.

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The No-Fire Zone as accepted by the both sides for the civilian protection and their safe withdrawal to peaceful areas of the country became a Cage for the Tamil civilians.

LTTE fighters were shooting the civilians trying to go out from this No-Fire Zone while the Sri Lankan military was preparing and advancing to finally and fatally rout out the LTTE rebels.

Killed for life!

The No-Fire Zone thus became a living Cage for the Tamil population living or escaping from it have no other option then death.

The book has 11 chapters with many illustrations and maps to easily and aptly depict the main characters of this civil war. A book needing strong guts to read about the last days of Sri Lankan civil war and atrocities committed by the two warring sides.

Killed for life!

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