Netting the Terrorism in South Asia

Netting the Terrorism in South Asia

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The Politics of counter-terrorism in India, Strategic Intelligence and National security in South Asia.


Prem Mahadevan

A good read for those interested in the Indian politics after Mumbai attack, 2008. The India blame on Pakistan for providing “necessary support” to the perpetrators of these attacks further strained the already tensed relations between the two nuclear neighbours.

Netting the Terrorism in South Asia

The Mumbai is the economic and political hub of India and these attacks have deep repercussions both economic, political and of course security wide as well. The premier intelligence agency of Pakistan, ISI, was pointed out by Delhi for organizing and coordinating these attacks.

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The author, Prem Mahadevan uses the three case studies of Sikh separatists in Indian Punjab, Kashmiri separatists in Indian held Kashmir and Pan Islamistโ€™s groups to analyse the capabilities of Indian government and Intelligence agencies about tackling the terrorism and its threats in India.

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The author argues the first two separatist movements, of Indian Punjab and Kashmir, were effectively contained by India, the third one, the Pan Islamists groups are yet beyond their control.  The reason being provided by the author is the real gap between the capability of intelligence agencies and expectations from theirs by the establishment. 

That is, “the failures of intelligence” ( the government dalliance, red-tapism, inability to adopt such policies that would be beneficial in the containment and eradication of terrorism in India) and ” failures to act on intelligence” ( in other words the government response, willingness, ability to face a new terrorist / intelligence threat and save itself and people from men and material loss.

Seven chapters and 3 Appendixes gave a look to its readers about the fatalities of attacks in Indian Punjab, Kashmir and major attacks by the Pan Islamists (2008-2018). A must read for political science, security, and conflict study lovers.

Netting the Terrorism in South Asia

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