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The peeping Spies…

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Spy war in South Asia


 Musa Khan Jalalzai.

The three South Asian countries, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh with the geographical extension of South Asia concept to Afghanistan have always been at odd with each other resulting in mutual proxies and distrust to undermine the other side. 

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This distrust and anathema to mutual cooperation in Intelligence gathering and sharing against terrorism and other illicit activities like narcotics and weapon trafficking may trigger serious existential threats even to their own national security. 

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The prime secret services of these four states have often been blamed for their inability and failure to crack any possible terror-act prior to its execution.

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After each terror destruction the usual blame hurling and let’s play committee chairing game is started in these states. What the real issue is why these heavily funded agencies with some extra ordinary powers fail to safeguard their state and its people beforehand.

The book has 9 chapters in total. The chapter 4 being the longest chapter of this book which is further sub divided into nine sub-chapters focusing only on India and it’s intelligence agencies, structure and failures give a comprehensive coverage to the security and intelligence establishments of the four South Asian countries of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

An interesting read for those want to know about security, regional politics, conflicts and intelligence failures and structures of the South Asian countries.

The peeping Spies...

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