South Asian Politics: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal

The politics of South Asia

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South Asian Politics: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal

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Paul Brass

The South Asian chunk of land is home to more than one billion people whose living standards are almost touching or below the poverty line.  Three major South Asian countries, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh which were the former part of Pakistan in 1971 and were the successor states of British India have many bilateral and multilateral issues with each other. 

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For the resolution and cooperation of these problems, the SAARC organization was formed in? But the mutual mistrust and suspicions nearly failed this organization in achieving its goals. 

South Asian Politics: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, book by Paul Brass

The politics of Identity, an amalgamation of religion, caste, region, ethnicity, and economic differences deeply permeate the domestic politics of these South Asian countries.  To the level that even each of these individual countries of these seven ones is further slashed internally along these differences. 

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These factors of identity politics have more prominence and value in South Asia than in other parts of the world.  In this book, the interplay and cutting effect of these factors have been analyzed in the background of their national politics. 

The 464 pages of the book are divided into 6 chapters, each of which deals with the five countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal starting from their common colonial legacy of the British Raj and describes how the domestic politics of these countries always affect their national and electoral politics and shadow their relations with their neighbors who, too, observes and points such allegation against them in like manner. 

The politics of South Asia

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