South Asia in World History , book, Marc Jason Gilbert,

The trans-historical South Asia!

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South Asia in World History
Marc Jason Gilbert

The geographical landmass of South Asia from ancient times has been a cradle of religions and civilizations. This landmass with its diverse natural, cultural, and historical singularity holds a unique place in world history and politics. From the cuisine, science, and dressing to the architectural styles its contributions to human history are numerous. 

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River Indus and River Brahmaputra with their tumultuous water flow through this land.  The Harappa and Mohenjo Daro,  both situated in the Pakistani cities of Sahiwal and Larkana, were very developed and advanced civilizations in their times.

It was this booming civilizational economy that connected this region to the other parts of the world.  Opium, trade and tea were the main trading commodities that linked East with West through the rugged and untarred Silk Route of that time. 

South Asia in World History, book, Marc Jason Gilbert,

Professor Marc Jason Gilbert gives a panoramic sketch of South Asia on the canvas of world politics and history exploring different periods and phases of this landmass and their connections to the outside world. 

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Like Steve Coll’s book, On the Grand Trunk Road, this book engross its readers with the multiplicity it offers to them.  

The 7-chapter book starting with the history of South Asia to 1500 BCE leads its reader to the Vedic and Classical Age of South Asia. 

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Then with the introduction of the Islamic period going to the Mughal rule with the failed Mutiny of 1857, the rise of nationalism and the partition of British India into the successor states of Pakistan and India with their post-partition tussle and problems gave a very comprehensive and synoptic view of South Asia. 

This 209-page book is a good read for any person who wants to know the basics of South Asian politics and history. 

The trans-historical South Asia!

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