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Violence for Peace?

Book Name;

Ordinary people Extra ordinary Violence, Naxalites and Hindu Extremists in India. 



The book cover with an Eye Image carrying red and saffron colours explicitly coveys the subject matter of the book.  

The violence and extremism of the Naxalites bloody politics and communal violence of Hindu extremists against Muslims and other non-Hindu communities living in India….

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Why and at what motive an ordinary individual who may otherwise abhor to watch even a bloodletting scene in movie may deliberately and joyfully join the band wagon of violence against their other fellow countrymen.

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The two, Naxalites and Hindu extremists, follow different forms of worldviews. One is related to the peasant rebellion, social movement and events. They use terror and violence for it.

On the other hand Hindutva and its followers in Gujarat focus on Hinduism, its philosophy and its imposition on non-Hindus. The only shift is the imposing forceful majority on the minority whether it is ethnic, religious or racial one relegating and crushing its identity for the majority.

Violence for Peace?

The book is the gist of author field work in the seven districts Jharkhand and Bihar ravaged by armed conflicts between Naxalites and security forces.

The anti-Muslim riots of Gujarat in 2002 when Nerendra Modi was the Chief Minister of the state have also been analysed. 

The reasons, factors and motifs of the two diametrically opposing ideologies and belief systems impelling its followers to kill those who do not fit into their frame of mind on the name of identity politics have been analytically questioned by the author.

The comparative study and analysis of two sides, Naxalites and Hindu extremists, is something considered to be two different sphere of studies sharing otherwise no commonality with each other but the author concise and pinning analysis and comparison made it possible and interesting.

Why the believers of heavenly earth proudly ooze out theirs and others blood at the name of peace and the Creator who created this beautiful world for all?

The 6 chaptered book is an awakening read for general readers with a particular interest in political science and sociology.

Violence for Peace?

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