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Literature and Politics in the age of Nationalism; The Progressive Episode in South Asia, 1932-56


Dr. Talat Ahmed.

The literary movement in British India to inspire and educate Indian peoples through writings about humanity, equality and social evils was left oriented and anti-imperialistic and anti-colonialism in nature.

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Any social, literary or economic movement of the age is the conglomerate of political, economic and social events both domestic and foreign ones that influences and got influenced by them.

The Great Depression, Roosevelt in United States and Adolf Hitler in Germany assumed the highest offices of their countries respectively.

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Ethiopia, China and Austria were attacked by Italy, Japan and Germany. This Trio also withdrew from the League of Nations.

Jesse Owens, an American stunning success in the Berlin Olympics (1936) and Adolf Hitler stubbornness to recognize this success believing on the racial superiority of Aryans and start of the WWII were not the mere political events in nature, they were causing social, economic and cultural shocks to whole world as well.

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An interesting point Dr. Ahmad pins is the unconscious influence of Trotsky and Gramsci on the AIPWA movement. The International Socialism (Trotsky) and Cultural Hegemony (Gramsci) are the two subtle and unconscious undercurrents of this movement whose followers follow them knowingly or unknowingly.

It was nothing but the subtlety of these unconscious following of Trotsky and Gramsci that AIPWA movement then  extensively launched the Indian Peoples Theatre Association (ITPA) and started using common and simplified language, Hindustani, in literature for the better and deep understanding of common people.

A must read to know about the strongest and influencing literary and social movement of British India with many archival and oral testimonials for its support.

Words that rejuvenates

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